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Who are your Go-To’s

We moved to the bay area and while its been lovely, its also been lonely at times. Creating a new community can feel daunting especially when you are around a toddler all day and tired when you start to miss your friends and former routine. I have go-to girlfriends I can call or text when I am feeling blue.  These friends will just listen- they will tell me yes, we understand or no-you are full of shit.

When we leave the bay area I will have more of these friends, but until then-it’s a comfort knowing I can call my Sister or other girlfriends to vent. I have also found that water and sleep are the cure all for general passing sadness.

Do you have these people? If not, I am here! And— you can find them, you just have to reach out and also be available for the same kind of call or text.

#support #newbeginnings #lonely #loneliness #change #friends #girlfriends

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